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Welcome to the Sid Valley Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group Page

We are a team of volunteers who consist of both elected councillors and members of the community brought together by Sidmouth Town Council to form the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group. We hope that by the very nature of your visit to our page that you will be both curious and excited about this great opportunity for us as a community to shape the future of the Sid Valley for the next 20 years.

The Neighbourhood Plan covers the areas of Sidmouth, Sidford, Sidbury and Salcombe Regis and we need your help to make the visions of the community a reality.

We also have a dedicated website at devoted to all stages of the process where you will find information on the progress of the Sid Valley Neighbourhood Plan, updates on current and future events and general information about neighbourhood planning, which we hope will help you to understand and become engaged with the project. All relevant supporting documents will be posted on these web pages allowing residents of the Sid Valley full access to the entire process.

Our motto is "Shaping our Future Together" and we hope that you will do just that, by joining us in this exciting new opportunity.



NEWS        2nd Household Survey -  Report is Now Available to View

The second and final household consultation closed in June 2017 and the response was incredible. Over 1800 households completed the online or paper survey to tell us their views about future development and how this impacts on the natural and human-made environment, our housing and the community who live in this beautiful valley.

Thank you to everyone who responded – we really appreciate the time and effort you gave to tell us your views which will help ensure that the Neighbourhood Plan truly reflects the wishes of the community.

The results have all been analysed and the report is now available to view by clicking on this link.



Neighbourhood Plan Submission to the Pegasus Life Appeal Inquiry

The Sid Valley Neighbourhood Plan group has made a submission to the Knowle Development, Pegasus Life appeal Inquiry. 



Port Royal Regeneration - Scoping Study

A concept idea for the Port Royal area in Sidmouth has been developed by consultants as part of a scoping study to assess the feasibility of redevelopment of the area. The study has been commissioned by Sidmouth Town and East Devon District Councils, who are the major landowners of the site, and is the first step in exploring options for the area. They have undertaken a public consultation on the concept ideas and the results will be made available to the public in September.

While the Sid Valley Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group is not associated with any group or campaign concerning any other issue that affects the Sid Valley, and our neutrality is governed by our objective to make a Neighbourhood Plan which is evidence based through robust public consultation, we think it is important that the views and opinions about Port Royal from the 1863 households who completed the Second Household survey should be fed into the public consultation. We therefore fast-tracked the analysis on the Port Royal section of the survey and this was provided to the consultants and both councils.

You can access the report on the Port Royal section of the 2nd Household Questionnaire here.



 Sid Valley Neighbourhood Plan - First Household Questionnaire


We had a great response to the first Neighbourhood Plan survey and received 712 questionnaires which were completed by over 1100 local people. We have completed the analysis of the questionnaires returned and you can now access the report by clicking here.



Survey of Business & Special Interest Groups 


This survey ran from 19th September until 31st October and we received just over one hundred responses to the survey, which represents a response rate of around 22% of contacted organisations.

We have completed the analysis of the questionnaires returned and you can access the report by clicking here.

Thank you to all the organisations that completed the survey - your contributions are greatly appreciated and will add to the body of evidence that we are collecting in preparation for the Neighbourhood Plan.



Sid Valley Youth Speaks Out

EastDevonJelly2     EastDevonJelly1

From the outset, the Neighbourhood Plan steering group were keen to ensure that all voices in the Sid Valley were heard. At the start of the process representatives from Sidmouth Primary School, St John's International School and Sidmouth College met with Cllr Louise Cole and Deirdre Hounsom at a Sidmouth Business Cafe event at the Woodlands Hotel. Students to put forward their views on their community as part of the creation of the Sid Valley Neighbourhood Plan. Following on from this event, these representatives continued to work with us and played a full part in designing the Children and Young people’s Survey which was distributed to all schools in the Sid Valley and completed by 1099 pupils and students in December 2016.

The Children and Young People’s Neighbourhood Plan Survey Report, published by the Sid Valley Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group in June 2017 includes the views and aspirations of the younger generation about the Sid Valley and you can access the report here.



What is a Neighbourhood Plan?

A community-led planning document that will influence development in your area over the next 15 or so years.

A Neighbourhood Plan cannot be used to stop growth but it can direct and shape development. Neighbourhood Plan cannot propose lower levels of growth than that in the Local Plan.

A Neighbourhood Plan can identify community priorities. e.g. Cycle paths, promoting transport needs, protect heritage sites etc.


What’s the process?

•Stage 1- Designating the Neighbourhood Area
•Stage 2- Establishing a steering group Must comply with: European Directives/legislation National Planning Policy Framework East Devon Local Plan
•Stage 3- Reviewing and gathering evidence
•Stage 4- Consulting the community
•Stage 5- Developing aims and objectives
 - Based on the evidence and expressed as a series of statements
 - Should go through another stage of consultation to ensure community support
•Stage 6- Drafting the plan and 6 week consultation
•Stage 7- Submission to Local Authority, further 6-week consultation
•Stage 8- Examination
 - Independent examiner agreed by EDDC and OTC, Paid for by EDDC
 - Checks the Plan against ‘Basic Conditions’ and produces a report
•Stage 9- Referendum
 - If successful examination, then EDDC will organise and pay for a referendum. If greater than 50% of voting electorate in favour of Plan, Plan Adopted!



 Links to coverage in the Local Press:


Steering Group Meetings:

Please note these future meeting dates (7.30pm, Woolcombe House)

19 December 2017


January 9 & 23, February 6 & 20, March 6 & 20, April 3 & 17







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